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From $0 to $4m in sales based on $0.5m ad spend case study

From $0 to $4m in sales with a $0.5m ad spend

A US-based e-commerce brand struggled to consistently achieve above a 1x ROAS from any paid ads before us. We revamped their campaign management, employed the best industry practices, and upgraded their creative. Within a year we, built them up to produce $1.73m from Google Ads and $2.29m from Facebook Ads!

421 leads with a £1m value

A green waste management client worked with us across Google and Facebook. In year one, we delivered 421 leads valued at over £1m, dropping their cost per lead to below £50. Results were so strong that they even had to take a month off to scale the team to keep up with demand!

421 leads / £1m value case study
Combined $539k in 1 month case study

Combined $539k in one month

A cosmetics brand had both their Google Ads and Facebook Ads managed by us. The combination has led to great remarketing opportunities, with Google driving the bottom of the funnel and Facebook supporting with its access to users in the rest of the funnel. We ultimately produced over $539k in sales in just one month.

Three months = $4m worth of leads

A Singapore-based B2B brand looking for leads from the UK and USA asked for our help with LinkedIn Ads. Within just a few months, they received 159 high leads which turned into over $4m in sales revenue.

$4m worth of leads case study LinkedIn Ads
$1.4m for B2B SaaS over 9 months case study

$1.4m for B2B SaaS over nine months

A SaaS brand came to us with some basic Google Ads in place. They were desperate to scale but lacking the strategy or expertise to grow the account. After taking over the account, we totally revamped the campaign structure and as a result scaled from ~$25k p/m in sales up to $155k p/m.

From "ads don’t work" to $2.3m in sales

A furniture brand came to us with the view that ads don’t work. After a year of working with them and delivering $2.3m in sales from $500k in ad spend, the company now prioritises paid ads as its number one growth channel for the future.

Ads don’t work, to $2.3m sales case study
Best month in the company's history

Best month in eight years

An established community management SaaS app had grown stagnant with Google Ads done to a very basic level. Over the next six months, we significantly reduced the cost per conversion and scaled the quantity of new customer sales. This led to them experiencing the best new sales growth in the eight-year history of the company.

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What we do

Google Ads

Google advertising is often the best major marketing channel for businesses to scale. It offers low-hanging fruit thanks to the high commercial intent behind each individual search.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram have the largest global networks. This allows for far better targeting in your specific niche, higher returns, and huge scope to scale!


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising offers the best data sets and opportunities for B2B businesses! By utilising LinkedIn’s ad platform, you tap into the world’s biggest business-centred social network.


TikTok Ads

TikTok is the fastest-growing network of the modern day. If you’re looking to appeal to a younger audience via visuals, then it can be a powerful opportunity.

Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads owns a huge percentage of all online ecommerce sales. Its low-friction sales flow is unparalleled. For the right product, it can be an efficient cash machine.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is one of the oldest ads platforms. While it’s remained in the background compared to other ad giants, it’s great for certain niches like devs or crypto.

An ads agency specialising in businesses looking to create a positive impact on the world

By focusing on positive impact brands, we’re able to truly master the skill sets and strategies required to deliver you the best returns and multiply that impact!

Sustainable Marketing Agency Designer at desk with wind turbines
Man With AR Representing Future Technologies

Progressive technologies

Moving humanity forward through innovation

Marshes with clouds for sustainable marketing agency


Eco-friendly, sustainable business models for a greener future

Little Girl representing Social Impact

Social impact

Empowering communities and changing lives through business and CSR

Woman At Waterfall Representing Adventurous Travel

Responsible travel

Changing attitudes and habits towards travel and tourism

Woman Drinking Water Representing Health


A society built on both physical health and mental wellbeing

Vegan Burger to Represent Plant Based


Challenging outdated attitudes to food consumption and diet

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