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Google Ads

Google Ads is many businesses’ top choice in their digital marketing strategy due to its strong commercial intent. Organic growth is often limited though, which is why it can be a good idea to hire a professional digital marketing company to assist you.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising offers the best data sets and opportunities for B2B companies! By including LinkedIn Ads in your digital marketing strategies, you can expand your paid ad campaigns beyond the usual platforms. This allows you to tap into the world’s biggest business-centred social network.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram advertising give you access to the largest global network, making them ideal options for your digital marketing strategy. Using these social media channels for your paid media campaigns will allow you to reach your target audience while yielding higher returns and offering huge scope to scale!

Twitter Ads

Twitter is one of the oldest ad platforms and while it’s often remained in the background, it should not be overlooked, especially for companies that deal in B2B tech.

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From "ads don’t work" to $2.3m in sales case study

From believing that ads don’t work to generating $2.3m in sales

A client came to us stating that ads don’t work. Within a year, we had taken their $500k ad spend and converted it into $2.3m in sales. The company now mainly uses paid ads to grow their business. 

421 leads / £1m value

A green waste management client wanted our assistance with Google and Facebook. Within a year of using our strategy, they had generated 421 leads at a value of £1m and cost per lead under £50. They even had to take a month off to scale their team because of how well they were performing. 

421 leads / £1m value case study
From $0 to $4m in sales based on $0.5m ad spend case study

Using a $0.5m ad spend to get $4m in sales

A US-based ecommerce client wanted to achieve a constant ROAS of above 1x, but had been unable to do so with any paid ads prior to us. We gave their creative a revamp, and they were soon generating $4m in sales ($1.73m from Google Ads and $2.29m from Facebook Ads)!

$11k ad spend generated $12k in revenue

Another e-commerce client enlisted our services in the build-up to Christmas, specifically with the focus of coming up with some special festive offers. Their campaigns blew their expectations out of the water as they only spent $11k on ads but ended up making $124k within a week! They also sold out of some of their best-sellers. 

$124k from $11k ad spend case study
1x to 25x ROAS by month two​ case study

1x to 25x ROAS by month two

A client in the B2B and B2C industries wanted to scale their Google PPC Ads as they were achieving under 1x ROAS. By the second month, we had helped them achieve a 25x ROAS as they were making £26k on a £1k budget.

Leads worth $4m

One of our clients based in Singapore was looking for UK and US-based leads via LinkedIn Ads. Our strategy generated 159 leads valued at over $4m in revenue. 

$4m worth of leads case study LinkedIn Ads
Best month in the company's history

Best month in 8 years

A SaaS app stopped seeing results with their basic Google Ads. We worked with them and, within six months, reduced their cost per conversion and scaled their new customer sales – so much so that they saw the best new sales growth in the company’s eight-year history. 

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Our recipe for your success

Cross-channel strategies

We have experience across a range of platforms, and we use that to help you make the most of paid advertising!

Creativity times two

Genuinely creative content is they key to a successful ad campaign, which is why we produce twice as much content as we actually use. This keeps us creative!

We use AI and tech to help us

AI and technology offer many great benefits to those in the ad industry, which is why we pay thousands a month to allow us access to the hottest software (both in-house and third-party). This gives us cleaner data and expands our creativity. 

LinkedIn advertising agency Linkedin ads

Our campaign management is divided into two distinct phases

Experimental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations linkedin ad format linkedin marketing


4x ROAS or less

In the experimental phase, we invest all of your ad budget into testing so that we can figure out what works for you. 

Developmental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations linkedin ad campaigns advertising budget


Above 4x ROAS

Once we know which ads work best, we invest 80% of your ad budget into those campaigns, and reserve the other 20% for further A/B testing. 

*We base our ROAS figure on the past four months and update it monthly. It keeps us honest to have it public, since it can fluctuate!

Our amazing partners:

They continuously go above and beyond with us. Helping to figure out where the drop offs were in our funnel even beyond just the ads. It's really been the difference that's helped us have such a great year!

Kieran Gregory

Head of Partnerships, Inspired Ventures
Tailor Made Paid Ads Reporting Image by Snowball Creations linkedin marketing services linkedin marketing agency

Tailor-made reporting

As part of any package with Snowball Creations, we help to set up all conversion tracking and produce a complete, personalised paid ads report for you each month.

This gives you a quick overview of how your campaigns are performing and which measures are being taken by us to improve on current results, as well as any actions required from your side.

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