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Still, with the largest total network by a huge margin, Facebook & Instagram ads offer far better targeting than any other platform – meaning higher returns and more space to scale

Facebook & Instagram - Three reasons to invest


With a combined user base of over 3.8 billion, Facebook and Instagram dominate our daily online usage as social media platforms.

Technology pioneers

Facebook advertising has also been a pioneer in social media advertising software… The FB Portal and Facebook pixel deliver unparalleled standards in targeting.

Scale + tech = ROI

The biggest data set and most advanced advertising tools mean great returns on investment with the largest potential audience out there with Facebook advertising!

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As well as being a facebook advertising agency, we also cover Google, LinkedIn and other niche channels. Discover the right mix for your business by getting in touch.

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Results we deliver

"Un-wasteful' lead gen

421 leads / £1m value

A green waste management client worked with us across Google and Facebook ads. In year 1 we delivered 421 leads valued at over £1m, dropping their cost per lead to below £50. Results were so strong, they even had to take a month off to scale the team and keep up with demand!

Waste Management Lead Gen Google Ads Example by Snowball Creations

Rapid returns

0x to 15x ROAS in month 1

An established business doing well with SEO was looking to expand into paid ads. Through a mix of paid channels in their first month they saw their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) rise from 2.2x, to 5.6x, to 7.4x and finally to 15x by the 4th week! For every £1,000 we were spending we produced £15,000!

15x roas by 4 weeks in Paid Ads by Snowball Creations case study

Surf’s up (so is ROAS!)

$1.6m from $59k ad spend

A popular surfboard company wanted to increase online sales with Facebook marketing. In Nov 2019 we delivered $146k worth of sales from just a $4k ad budget (a 33x ROAS). By Nov 2020 and with a $59k ad budget, we made them $1.6m (a 27x ROAS) with Facebook!

case study surfboards facebook ads

It takes 2 to snowball!​

1x to 25x ROAS by month 2​

A client selling both B2B and B2C wanted us to scale their Google Ads. Starting at well below 1x ROAS, by month 2 we had already achieved £26k in sales revenue from just a £1k budget (25x ROAS)!

26k case study google ads

Marketplace scaling

0x-12x ROAS by month 2

A disruptor brand that re-sells used furniture wanted to bring in B2B leads and B2C sales across Facebook ads, Instagram and Google Ads. From a dead start, we earned them a 12x ROAS by month 2 and during the quietest time of the year.

0 to 12x ROAS by Month 2 example snowball creations

Going 0 to 100!

$110k from $15k budget

One US-based eCommerce store has gone from no Facebook ads running at all to now over $110k per month from just $15k ad spend. Over an average week, Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) floats between 5 to 9 times their investment.

$110k from $15k budget case study facebook meta ads

Our recipe for your Facebook Ads success

Cross channel conquerors

We’re multi-channel masters! Our expertise across Google, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads mean we’re always able to spot where the best opportunity lies for your business.

Creativity delivered by double

Genuinely creative content will inevitably outperform the rest. That’s why we’ll always come up with double the amount we actually use. Creating 4 Facebook interest audiences for your ad campaign, we’ll brainstorm 8. Testing 5 video/image creatives, we’ll create 10! This process forces us to push our creativity in your ad campaigns.

Technology enabled

Facebook tracking isn’t good enough. Google Ads analytics is too basic. We Snowballers utilise our own in-house software and third-party tech, costing us thousands each month, to have cleaner, deeper data. Just so that we can find that bigger competitive advantage for you!

Facebook advertising agency

Our Facebook ads campaign management is divided into two distinct phases

Experimental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations


2x ROAS or less

Within this phase we have little to lose and lots to gain so want to vary our test variants broadly for max potential uptick across your ad campaigns. We invest close to 100% of your spend into testing.

Developmental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations


Above 2x ROAS

Within this phase we want to protect the high performing Facebook campaigns and narrow our ab testing to smaller factors to further improve performance. We invest 80% of spend into what works and 20% into testing.

*The ROAS is based on return on ad spend, including our fee, looking at the previous 4 months. This figure is updated monthly. Sometimes it’s especially good, sometimes it drops down. Ultimately it keeps us honest to have it public!

Our amazing partners:

They continuously go above and beyond with us. Helping to figure out where the drop offs were in our funnel even beyond just the ads. It's really been the difference that's helped us have such a great year!

Kieran Gregory

Head of Partnerships, Inspired Ventures
Tailor Made Paid Ads Reporting Image by Snowball Creations

Facebook ad tailor made reporting

As part of any package with your new Facebook ad agency, we help to set the Facebook Pixel as well as Google Analytics and produce a complete, personalised Facebook ads report for you each month.

This gives you a quick overview of how your Facebook ad campaigns are performing, measures being taken by us to improve on current results, as well as any actions required from your side and lots more!

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We are your complete, full service Facebook Advertising agency and so much more! Here to support you from strategy to execution. We love scaling sales so fast the word ‘snowball’ often comes up in conversation (don’t hate us…it’s become second nature)!

1% For The Planet Facebook Advertising Agency

We try our best to walk the walk of positive impact wherever we can and view technology as a great lever for creating positive impact at scale!

That’s why, 1% of our revenue as an agency, is donated to 1% For The Planet’s environmental parters.