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As an Instagram paid ads agency, we understand the significant advantages of utilising Facebook and Instagram for your digital advertising campaigns. In this context, we place particular emphasis on three key factors: scalability, cutting-edge technology, and the potential for robust returns on investment (ROI). These factors collectively underscore why businesses should strongly consider harnessing the power of these platforms for their advertising endeavors.

Three reasons to use Instagram Ads


Facebook and Instagram have a combined user base of over 3.8 billion people. For advertisers, this vast audience offers significant potential for reaching a wide range of users.

Technology pioneers

We leverage Facebook's AI algorithm and third-party tracking software for Instagram ad campaigns. We specialise in creating Instagram campaigns that deliver outstanding results.

Scale + tech = ROI

We understand how the Instagram ad process works inside out. This helps us maximise the impact of your campaigns and increase your ROI.

Results we deliver

Ads don’t work, to $2.3m sales case study

From skepticism to success

A furniture brand initially believed that ads were ineffective. However, after partnering with us for over a year and investing $500k in social media marketing, we generated a remarkable $2.3 million in sales. Now, paid ads are their top growth channel.

$124k in sales from spending $11k in 1 week

In the lead-up to the holiday season, we collaborated with an e-commerce client to create special offers. The outcome exceeded expectations as we achieved a whopping $124k in revenue within just one week, with a mere $11k in ad spend. The success was evident through the rapid sell-out of five of their top-selling products.

$124k from $11k in 1 week case study

From $0 to $4m in sales increase on a $0.5m ad spend

A US e-commerce brand faced persistent challenges in achieving consistent results with their paid advertising. We propelled their revenue to $1.73 million from Google Ads and an impressive $2.29 million from Facebook Ads.

1x to 25x ROAS by month two

One of our B2B and B2B asked us to scale their Instagram advertising.. Initially, they were achieving a meager ROAS of less than 1x. By the end of the second month, we had already generated £26k in sales revenue with just a £1k budget, achieving an extraordinary 25x ROAS.

1x to 25x ROAS by month two​ case study
0x to 15x ROAS in month 1 case study

From 0x to 15x ROAS in month one

An established business wanted to expand its online presence through Instagram marketing services. Within one month, their ROAS escalated from starting from 2.2x to 15x by the fourth week! For every £1,000 invested, they generated a whopping £15,000 in return!

$110k from $15k budget

A US-based e-commerce store, previously void of Instagram Ads, has undergone a transformative journey. They now achieve over $110k in monthly revenue with a mere $15k in Instagram advertising spend. Their ROAS hovers between five to nine times their initial investment.

Ads don’t work, to $2.3m sales case study

Combined $539k in one month

A cosmetics brand entrusted us with managing their Instagram advertising and other digital marketing, along with their Google Ads. This approach allowed us to tap into diverse audiences. Our efforts culminated in a remarkable achievement of over $539k in sales within just one month.

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Our recipe for successful Facebook and Instagram Ads

Mastering multiple-platform strategies

We’re not just an Instagram advertising agency; we’re cross-channel conquerors. Our expertise spans various social platforms and Google Ads, enabling us to identify the most lucrative opportunities for your brand’s growth.

Unleashing creative brilliance

Creativity is the heart of successful Instagram campaigns. We go above and beyond by producing twice the creative content needed for your campaigns. This approach compels us to push the boundaries of creativity, ensuring your campaigns stand out in the crowded social media landscape.

Harnessing AI and advanced technology

We understand that relying solely on in-platform tracking isn’t enough. That’s why we integrate AI and cutting-edge technology into our Instagram ad process. As dedicated marketing experts, we leverage both our in-house software and third-party tech tools, investing substantial resources to access cleaner, more detailed data. This allows us to expand our creative capabilities and deliver exceptional results.

LinkedIn advertising agency Linkedin ads

Our Facebook Ads campaign management is divided into two distinct phases

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4x ROAS or less

In this phase, where you are achieving a ROAS below 4x, we take an experimental approach. We believe there’s little to lose and much to gain by exploring a wide range of test variants to maximise the potential uptick in your paid marketing campaigns. We commit 100% of your ad fees into rigorous testing to identify what works best.

Developmental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations linkedin ad campaigns advertising budget


Above 4x ROAS

Once we achieve a 4x ROAS or higher, we transition into the developmental phase. Here, our focus shifts to preserving the high-performing campaigns while fine-tuning our A/B testing to optimise smaller factors for further improvements. We allocate 80% of your ad budget to what’s already proven effective and allocate the remaining 20% to ongoing testing.

*Our transparent approach includes sharing the ROAS, which is calculated based on return on ad spend, inclusive of our fees, considering the last four months of data. We update this figure monthly, maintaining honesty and accountability.

Our amazing partners:

They continuously go above and beyond with us. Helping to figure out where the drop offs were in our funnel even beyond just the ads. It's really been the difference that's helped us have such a great year!

Kieran Gregory

Head of Partnerships, Inspired Ventures
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Tailor-made Facebook and Instagram Ads reporting

When you partner with our Facebook social media marketing agency, we ensure a comprehensive approach to reporting. This includes setting up the Instagram Pixel and Google Analytics integration, and delivering a personalised Instagram Ads report each month.

This report provides you with a concise summary of your Instagram advertising campaigns’ performance, outlines the strategies and tactics we employ to enhance your current results, and identifies any necessary actions from your end, among other valuable insights. Our commitment is to keep you informed and engaged in your Instagram marketing efforts.

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