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Despite having the best B2B data set of any platform, LinkedIn advertising is a tricky one to master. With constant updates and innovations to watch out for, we’ll ensure your company sits at the forefront of the world’s only business-centred social media network.

Three reasons not to miss out


With 800m+ users, LinkedIn is already a major global social media network alongside Facebook for lead generation.

Business data

With its focus on business networking, LinkedIn Ads is easily the best social media advertising platform to hit your business-specific target audience.


With its innovative Insight tag and frequent updates, LinkedIn has more than caught up with the other major players in the online advertising world for B2B lead generation.

Results we deliver

4x better than target CPA

A client focused on bringing in US-based business owners looked to us for help with LinkedIn Ads. They set a target cost per acquisition of $400 to achieve profitability. We smashed this with an average CPA of $96 over the first four months of working together with LinkedIn marketing.

4x better than target CPA case study LinkedIn Ad linkedin paid advertising
3 to 72 leads p:m linkedin ads agency managed linkedin ads

From 3 to 72 leads per month

A UK-based business came to us just as they had totally rebranded, looking to spread the word on their new look and scale their lead generation. In the first month, we took them from ~3 leads p/m up to 72 leads! This continues to scale onwards up to the present day!

5x better than target CPA

A SaaS brand in the US was looking to drive leads from LinkedIn Ads at a cost of $250 or less per acquisition. Thanks to our remarketing strategy targeting users who had already engaged with them  on LinkedIn, visited their site, or  signed up to their email list, we exceeded that goal with a cost per acquisition of $46 for qualified leads!

10x better than target CPA Case study linkedin ads advertising campaigns lead generation
671% conversion rate increase case study linkedin ads ad campaigns qualified leads

671% conversion rate increase

A major skincare brand was driving $1m per month, but several agencies failed to find them ads returns. When comparing three weeks of our campaigns with the best period of their previous agency in Google Analytics, it’s clear that we transformed their ad account!

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Discover which paid ads platform our expert team would recommend for your business, whether that be LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, or another advertising platform.

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We limit ourselves to three new clients onboarded per month and cap our client base at a total of twenty-five brands, so speak to us today to check our availability.

Our recipe for your LinkedIn Ads success

Cross-channel conquerors

We’re multi-channel masters! Our expertise across a variety of platforms beyond LinkedIn Ads means we’re always able to spot where the best opportunities lie.

Creativity delivered by double

Genuinely creative content will outperform the rest. That’s why we produce double the amount of content we actually use. This process forces us to push our creativity in your ad campaigns.

The latest AI and tech

In-platform tracking isn’t good enough. AI brings superpowers to ad managers! We Snowballers utilise our own in-house software and third-party tech, costing us thousands each month, to have cleaner, deeper data and expand our creativity.

LinkedIn advertising agency Linkedin ads

Our LinkedIn Ads campaign management is divided into two distinct phases

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4x ROAS or less

In this phase, we have little to lose and lots to gain so want to vary our test variants broadly for max potential uptick across your ad campaigns. We invest 100% of your spend into testing.

Developmental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations linkedin ad campaigns advertising budget


Above 4x ROAS

During this phase, we want to protect your high-performing LinkedIn campaigns and narrow our A/B testing to smaller factors to further improve. We invest 80% of spend into what works and 20% into testing.

*The ROAS is based on return on ad spend, including our fee, looking at the previous four months. This figure is updated monthly. Sometimes it’s especially good, sometimes it drops down. Ultimately, it keeps us honest to have it public!

Our amazing partners:

They continuously go above and beyond with us. Helping to figure out where the drop offs were in our funnel even beyond just the ads. It's really been the difference that's helped us have such a great year!

Kieran Gregory

Head of Partnerships, Inspired Ventures
Tailor Made Paid Ads Reporting Image by Snowball Creations linkedin marketing services linkedin marketing agency

Tailor-made LinkedIn Ads reporting

As part of any package with Snowball Creations as your LinkedIn advertising agency, we help to set up all conversion tracking from the LinkedIn Insight tag to Google Analytics. This lets us produce a complete, personalised paid ads report for you each month.

This gives you a quick overview of how your campaigns are performing, which measures are being taken by us to improve on current results, any actions required from your side, and lots more!

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