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Google Ads

Google advertising is often the best major marketing channel for beauty brands to scale. Thanks to the high commercial intent behind each individual search, it’s an ideal option for those in the beauty industry wanting to reach their target audience. A good agency can help you with a digital marketing strategy to help your brand.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms, and while it may not be as popular as it used to be, it’s still a great option for targeting certain niches. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram have the biggest global networks, which is why so many beauty brands include these platforms in their digital marketing strategies. Whether you want to grow your beauty business, make a mark on the beauty industry, use influencer marketing, or reach your target audience through online advertising, social media platforms can help you reach your goals.

Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads owns a huge percentage of all online ecommerce sales. Its low-friction sales flow is unparalleled. For the right product, it can be an efficient cash machine.

TikTok Ads

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media network. If you want to grow your beauty brand by appealing to a younger audience via video content, TikTok can be a great opportunity to level up your beauty marketing. 

Our results speak for themselves

From "ads don’t work" to $2.3m in sales case study

From "ads don’t work" to $2.3m in sales

A furniture brand came to us claiming that paid ads don’t work. After a year of working with them, we delivered $2.3m in sales from $500k in ad spend. The company now uses paid ads as their number one channel for growth!

421 leads at a £1m value

We assisted a green waste management client with their Google and Facebook marketing. Within a year, we had delivered them 421 leads that were valued at over £1m. We also dropped their cost per lead to £50. The results were so successful that they had to take a month off to scale their company in order to keep up with the results!

From $0 to $4m in sales based on $0.5m ad spend case study

From $0 to $4m in sales based on $0.5m ad spend

A US-based e-commerce client struggled to consistently achieve above a 1x ROAS with paid ads. We revamped their campaign and upgraded their creative strategy. Within the first year, they were producing $1.73m from Google Ads and $2.29m from Facebook Ads!

$124k from $11k and spend in one week

Another e-commerce business reached out to us for some assistance on creating special offers for Christmas. The client had $11k ad spend and yielded $124k revenue within just a week of the sale. As if that’s not enough, five of their top items were completely sold out!

$124k from $11k ad spend case study
1x to 25x ROAS by month two​ case study

1x to 25x ROAS by month two

One of our clients involved in both B2B and B2C need  help in scaling their Google PPC ads. When we started working with them, they were achieving below 1x ROAS. By the second month, they were earning £26k in sales revenue based on £1k ad spend. This means that their ROAS had increased to 25x!

Best month in the company's history

Best month in the company's history

A SaaS community management app stopped seeing results with their basic Google Ads. Over the next six months of us working with them, we reduced their cost per conversion and scaled the quantity of new customer sales. This led to the company experiencing the best new sales growth in their eight-year history!

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Our recipe to help you succeed

We're cross-channel conquerors

Why settle for one platform when you can master them all? We have experts across a variety of platforms, allowing us to spot the best opportunities for beauty businesses!

We deliver double the creative content

We believe that genuinely creative content will perform the best. That’s why we produce twice double the amount of content we actually end up using. This helps us to stay creative and come up with fresh ideas!

We use AI and we're tech-enabled

In today’s advanced world, in-platform tracking simply isn’t cutting it anymore. Luckily, advances in AI offer many opportunities for both marketing agencies and other businesses. Here at Snowball Creations, we utilise our own in-house software as well as third-party tech. This costs us thousands each month, but the cleaner, deeper data is worth it.

LinkedIn advertising agency Linkedin ads

Our campaign management is divided into two distinct phases

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4x ROAS or less

During this phase, the risk is low, which is why we test a broad ranger of variants to help you get the most out of your ad campaigns. 100% of your ad spend goes into testing during the experimental phase.

Developmental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations linkedin ad campaigns advertising budget


Above 4x ROAS

If you have high-performing ad campaigns, we want to protect them. That’s why, in this phase, we narrow our A/B testing so that we can find smaller factors to improve upon. 80% of your ad spend goes to what works, and the remaining 20% is still used for testing. 

*The ROAS is based on return on ad spend, including our fee, looking at the previous four months. We update this figure monthly. Sometimes it’s especially good, sometimes it drops down. Ultimately, it keeps us as a digital marketing agency honest to have it public!

Our amazing partners:

They continuously go above and beyond with us. Helping to figure out where the drop offs were in our funnel even beyond just the ads. It's really been the difference that's helped us have such a great year!

Kieran Gregory

Head of Partnerships, Inspired Ventures
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Tailor-made reporting

Any Snowball Creations package includes conversion tracking. We set it up and then use the data we receive to create an in-depth monthly paid ads report. 

This report will allow you to assess how your campaigns are performing. It also shows you what we’re doing on our end to improve your results, and whether there’s anything we need from your side.

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