The team

Snowball Creations was founded by Max Sinclair back in 2017 after repeated requests from others to help with their own sales and marketing. After mastering paid advertising, we grew tired using these scaling skills on businesses that we didn’t love.

We’re a team personally motivated by the thought of helping to move humanity forward in order to expand the scope of human consciousness.

So we decided to niche down into businesses that help that goal, rather than hinder. Now each time we help a brand hit that 10x ROAS and snowball, we multiply their positive impact on the world.
We’re happy to report that this model is going pretty great! 

If you’re a business that matches that profile we would love to hear from you! 
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Meet the Snowballers

London, UK

Ben Watts

Head of Paid Ads

Ben Watts Snowball Creations Team
Chris Hunt Snowball Creations Team
Letchworth Garden City, UK

Chris Hunt

Paid Ads Team

London, UK

Nick Roberts

Paid Ads Team

London, UK

Jordan Wilson

Paid Ads Team

London, UK

Max Sinclair


Max Sinclair Snowball Creations Team

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