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Google Ads

Google advertising is a great marketing strategy for SaaS businesses. It’s a low-effort, high-reward system that targets individual searches to yield the best results. A good SaaS marketing agency will be able to help your SaaS business get great results through Google Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

Many SaaS companies can benefit from using LinkedIn Ads as a SaaS marketing channel. If you’re in the B2B industry, LinkedIn can open a lot of doors for you due to its reputation as the largest business networking platform in the world. Get in touch with a good B2B SaaS marketing agency to help you leverage LinkedIn to its full potential.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

For SaaS businesses looking to scale internationally, Facebook and Instagram marketing is the way to go. You can reach your target audience, get a higher return on investment, and grow your business. You can also use these platforms to include influencer marketing in your SaaS marketing efforts.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is one of the oldest social media ad platforms, and thus has a lot of users. This channel is especially successful when used to reach a specific target audience such as those interested in fields like development or cryptocurrencies.

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From "ads don’t work" to $2.3m in sales case study

Ads don’t work, to $2.3m sales

We had a furniture brand come to us stating that ads simply don’t work.  A year later, they had spent $500k on ads, a small number in comparison to the $2.3m in sales that were brought in via those ads. The company now uses paid advertising as their preferred method of growth. 

421 leads/£1m value

We assisted a green waste management company with their Google and Facebook marketing strategies. Within a year, we had generated 421 leads valued at £1m. Their cost per lead dropped below £50 and they even had to take a month off to expand their team in order to keep up with the growing demand!

421 leads / £1m value case study
From $0 to $4m in sales based on $0.5m ad spend case study

$0 to $4m sales from $0.5m ad spend

Before we started working with them, one of our US-based e-commerce clients struggled to achieve their goal of more than 1X ROAS from paid advertising. We did our thing, and within a year, they were earning $1.73m from Google Ads and $2.29m from Facebook Ads!

$124k from $11k in 1 week

We helped an e-commerce client come up with special Christmas offers. The company generated $124k in revenue in a single week, exceeding the client’s expectations, especially as they had only spent $11k on ads. As if that’s not enough, the top five products in their collection were completely sold out!

$124k from $11k ad spend case study
1x to 25x ROAS by month two​ case study

1x to 25x ROAS by month 2

When this client started with us, their marketing efforts had a starting point of below 1x ROAS. We assisted them with scaling their B2B and B2C via Google PPC Ads. Within two months, they achieved a 25x ROAS due to the £26k in revenue growth that was yielded from a £1k sales budget.

$4m worth of leads

A Singapore-based B2B company came to us wanting help with lead generation from the UK and the USA with LinkedIn Advertising. Within a few months, we had helped them with generating qualified leads and increasing their monthly recurring revenue. They eventually had an impressive $4m in revenue growth.

$4m worth of leads case study LinkedIn Ads
Best month in the company's history

Best month in 8 years

A community management SaaS business stopped seeing results with their basic Google Ads. This changed within six months, as we helped to improve their SaaS marketing strategies, reduce their cost per conversion, and grow their sales. This led to them having a month where they saw the best new sales growth in the company’s eight years. 

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If you’re new to paid digital marketing and you’re not sure which marketing channel is best for SaaS companies, get in touch with our internal marketing team of experts to learn what they would recommend. Our proven track record as a SaaS agency should show you that we’re the right choice.


And if you’re already up and running, we offer free audits!

Please keep in mind that we only accept three new clients per month and have a limited capacity of twenty-five brands in total to ensure that our clients get the personalised service they deserve. Contact us today to find out about our availability.

Our tried and true recipe for your success

Cross-channel marketing

Why limit yourself to one SaaS marketing channel when you can conquer them all? As a SaaS paid ads agency, we pride ourselves on offering a multi-channel marketing strategy. We have experience working with a wide range of platforms, so we know how to spot a good opportunity and make the most of it.

Double the creativity

We also put a lot of effort into genuine creativity, because we believe that this is what sets us apart from other SaaS marketing agencies. Because of this, we produce double the amount of content that we use. This helps to keep our SaaS marketing agency fresh when it comes to advertising strategies.


In today’s world, if you aren’t using AI, you’re missing out. The word of AI has so much to offer those who work on marketing campaigns, especially since in-platform tracking simply isn’t enough. We have our own software as well as third-party services from tech companies that we employ in our campaigns. This sets us back each month, but the cleaner data and increased productivity are worth it.

LinkedIn advertising agency Linkedin ads

Our campaign management is divided into two distinct phases

Experimental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations linkedin ad format linkedin marketing


4x ROAS or less

Staying in one place never helped anyone grow, which is why we test out variants extensively to determine what will yield the best results for your ad campaign, especially since the risk is low but the potential for rewards is great! Therefore, everything you spend in this stage will be invested in testing.

Developmental Icon for Snowball Effect Snowball Creations linkedin ad campaigns advertising budget


Above 4x ROAS

If you have an ad marketing campaign that is performing well, we want to keep it that way. For this phase, we narrow the A/B testing significantly so that we can consider smaller factors and how to improve them. This stage means that 80% of the spend is invested in proven campaigns and the remaining 20% used for testing.

*We calculate ROAS based on the return on ad spend (which includes our fee) for the previous four months. This figure is updated monthly, and tends to fluctuate. Sometimes it’s high, other times it’s lower. We keep it public to keep us honest!

Our amazing partners:

They continuously go above and beyond with us. Helping to figure out where the drop offs were in our funnel even beyond just the ads. It's really been the difference that's helped us have such a great year!

Kieran Gregory

Head of Partnerships, Inspired Ventures
Tailor Made Paid Ads Reporting Image by Snowball Creations linkedin marketing services linkedin marketing agency

Tailor-made reporting

Any package offered by Snowball Creations automatically includes the set up of all conversion tracking as well as the production of comprehensive personalised paid advertising reports given on a monthly basis.

This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how your SaaS marketing campaigns are doing as well as what we are doing in our marketing efforts to help improve your results. This also includes any actions required from your side, as well as a whole host of other helpful information!

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