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So, you’re having that creative conundrum?

Other creative agencies

Snowball Studios

Tell you they have the answer

We all know that ‘creative story teller’, who spends more time organising ‘beers and brainstorming’ than considering your content. They’re certain they ‘KNOW’ which creative will work.

Data-aided understanding of your brand

We don’t know what creative will work best for your brand . . . yet. And we’re proud to say that! We focus on understanding your content, testing with breadth and depth, and letting the data guide us.

A single hero piece

Many agencies waste huge budgets to produce a single hero piece with no variations.

It may look great on that agency’s portfolio, but this single-piece approach means a far higher risk of big flops and missed opportunities.

Variety is key

We’ll always produce a broad range of creative options. 

This allows us to discover what works and what doesn’t, providing clear direction for developing and scaling content that really hits the mark!

Bloated budgets

Technology has shifted the traditional creative agency model, yet many are still stuck in the past.

Agencies that use outdated methods along with a sole dependency on creative project work income usually charge higher agency fees to create fat margins.

Modern AI-enabled efficiency

We maximise our efficiency thanks to powerful AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, ElevenLabs, and many more.

Creating the best content for your brand is no longer a ‘creative’ problem, nor does it have to be an expensive one, at least not when you have the best tools, the best data, and a little AI-magination!

“We went from a cost per lead of £293 to £5.66 after the creative was put into testing that the Snowball team did for us!”


We Are Kin

The levels

We’ve divided our ad creative projects with you into three main categories:

Level 1: Creative direction

(Creative guidance and support)

Level 2: Digital creative projects

(Graphic design, editing, and AI generation)

Level 3: Real-world creative projects

(User Generated Content, and photo or video shoots)

1. Creative direction

As a Snowball Creations client, you’ll receive this level automatically as part of your onboarding and throughout the time we work together.

Our approach combines competitor analysis, market research, and hands-on experience to continually craft effective ad ideas, creative briefs, webpage facelifts, and much more!

Example creative brief #1

Example creative brief #2

Example creative brief #3

Many clients already have some form of existing assets we can work with. For example, a skincare brand likely already has a few simple website product shots.

Or perhaps you’re a fully digital offering like many SaaS, Services, or FinTech brands.

In these cases, it’s often best to go ahead on a fully digital creative project, involving graphic design and editing of assets. Plus, thanks to some new generative AI tooling, we can even create entirely new creative assets for only a fraction of the cost.

2. Digital creative projects

Digital Creative Project by Snowball Creations Case Study

Example digital creative project #1

Digital Creative Project by Snowball Creations Case Study Boot Bananas

Example digital creative project #2

Digital Creative Project by Snowball Creations Case Study Investment Firm

Example digital creative project #3

3. Real-world creative projects

If you don’t have any existing assets to start from and we will be looking to make money out of a display network like Facebook or LinkedIn, then a real world creative project might make sense.

One of the most effective forms of content is UGC (user generated content), so we’ve mastered the art of doing this efficiently, affordably, and with quick turnaround times.

For larger scale photo and video shoots that fall outside of UGC, we lean on a trusted network of experienced professionals that we’ve partnered with for many years!

Example real-world creative project #1

Example real-world creative project #2

Example real-world creative project #3

“We had just one single creative to try to make ads work with initially. Nick managed to produce an impressive variety of ad images for us to test. It felt great value for money as I saw right away the jump in conversions within a week of the new images going out and the price was very fair.”



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