Top Sustainable Marketing Agencies In The US

It won’t be a surprise to hear that there are a lot of bad marketing gurus and agencies out there more than happy to take your money. But choosing the right digital marketing agency for your brand is even more vital for purpose-driven, ethical, and sustainable companies!

You want to find a marketing agency that aligns with your brand’s goals and the ethos shared by your team.

In this article, I’m going to share our top 5 favorite sustainable marketing agencies in the US to help with all the different elements of your marketing strategy from video production to paid advertising!

What Is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing or ‘green marketing’ is a term often used to describe the promotion of ethical, environmentally friendly, or socially responsible services, products or messages.

Businesses whose entire proposition or offering is positive-impact or sustainable use sustainable marketing by nature. They incorporate ethical principles into their marketing messaging to appeal to customers who care about those issues.

Sustainable marketing can also be used by companies that aren’t inherently ‘green’ or sustainable as a whole. This can fall into the category of ‘green-washing’, where marketing can be used to try and deceive consumers into thinking a business’s practices, products or services are sustainable.

If you’re interested in more articles on sustainable marketing then you can find an ever growing collection on our sustainable marketing blog.

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Our Favourite Sustainable/Ethical Digital Marketing Agencies in the USA

Video Production: Cage Free Productions

Cage Free Productions is a dedicated Video production agency and registered B Corp that we’ve loved working with over the years. They describe themselves as a storytelling agency, and they work with purpose-driven organizations that have social, ethical, environmental, or sustainability causes.

“We help people find and tell their story to augment their effectiveness in achieving their mission.”

They create truly beautiful videos that act as a catalyst to scale the positive impact of their clients and drive change in their communities! Check out this video they created for Natura:

Paid Ads: Snowball Creations

From the start, Snowball Creations has been a digital marketing agency dedicated to working solely with businesses making the world a better place.

We ‘Snowball’ the growth and sales for positive impact brands through Google, Facebook & Instagram, or LinkedIn advertising!

This includes a wide spectrum of clients such as B2B sustainability service providers, tree-planting businesses, eco-friendly eCommerce websites, and Non-Profits to name a few.

BCorpers, 1% For The Planet members and the rest!

We believe we’ve truly perfected the art of telling ethical, green, and sustainability stories in ad copies and creatives for the channels we manage.

It’s our passion for those causes and how we portray them in the copy that’s really driven the amazing return on ad spend (ROAS) for our clients.

We actually wrote a blog post all about our secret formula to make paid ads work for your positive impact business.

Have you tried online search or display ads like Facebook, LinkedIn or TikTok for your company? Check out this testimonial from one of our clients Hubba:

You can book in a call with Max, the founder of Snowball Creations to learn how he can snowball your business to new heights!

Web Design: Solve

We’re a big fan of this veteran, B Corp-certified web design and online optimization agency! Solve believes in harnessing the power of a solid website foundation, and proactive SEO techniques to create serious transformation and impact for their positive impact clients.

We especially love their personal and honest approach when it comes to web design. Honesty is truly hard to come by in the sea of agencies available these days…

Check out this beautiful website they designed for Coast Boat Trips:

SEO and web design agency team

Branding: Modern Species

When it comes to branding, choosing the right partner who’s going to understand and represent your business in the best way is no easy decision. That’s why we’ve chosen Modern Species as our favorite ethical, for-purpose branding team!

To quote their website, they’re a B Corp and 1% for the planet registered agency helping to “launch, evolve, and grow better-for-the-world brands, to scale impact”

We love the way they build brands that reflect their audience’s values! They helped this chocolate company on a regenerative agriculture mission to grow their bar sales by 18% after a brand refresh:

Product branding project from Modern Species. Disrupting the market through branding

Animation: Next Day Animations

If your brand needs an animated video for marketing/sales, fundraising, or internal training, look no further!

Another partner whose work we really admire is Next Day Animations, an animation studio that creates short, snappy, and engaging animated explainer videos to help organizations communicate complex ideas in a fun way!

“Explainer animations are increasingly recognized as one of the best ways to communicate, allowing your audience to absorb your message through visuals, sound, and text simultaneously.”

They are a registered B Corporation and love to work in particular with Non-Profits, and companies enacting social change. Check out this project they created for Guide Dogs For The Blind:

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So those are our current top picks for your US-based marketing agency! I hope this has been useful and provided some inspiration if you’re currently searching for a reputable marketing agency for your business that has the same values you do!

These days, brands are being asked to stand for more. Whether it’s environmental, sustainability, global warming, or diversity, there’s more pressure than ever to do your bit as a business.

Businesses are increasingly aligning themselves with positive impact, and charitable causes. So it makes sense that you would need a professional marketing team that understands how to create effective campaigns around that messaging.

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