Unveiling the Power of “F*ck You Money”: How I’d Approach an Ecommerce Meta Campaign if Money Weren’t an Issue

When audacity meets innovation and boldness reigns supreme, you get what I like to call “f**k you money”. In other words, you reach the point where you have so much money that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. 

And today, I want to discuss how I’d approach a full ecommerce Facebook Ads if I had boundless freedom when it comes to money. Channel your inner child, because we’re about to flex the muscle that atrophies with age: your creativity. 

And if your creativity does have limits and staring at a screen is one of them, click here to watch a video about this topic. 

Set the stage

I know, I know. You’re probably working a regular nine-to-five (or maybe even longer), so asking you to imagine an idyllic world where money isn’t a withholding factor will probably be a bit of a stretch.

Let’s warm up. Imagine that you’re entering the vast world of paid ads. But you’re not a timid newcomer cautiously navigating the landscape – you’re a pro. You have all the capital you could possibly need, paired with a relentless drive to dominate your niche. 

You’re not dipping your toes in the water – you’re making a splash. That’s the ethos we’re embracing here today. And if you’re wondering who I think I am to think that I’d be able to handle this much ad budget – fair enough. But I do run my own Facebook Ads agency, so I know what I’m talking about. 

Meet Evergreen Essence

So, for me to really get those creative juices flowing and set up an imaginary e-commerce structure, I need to first have an imaginary business. Enter Evergreen Essence, a skincare business (shoutout to ChatGPT for the neat name!)

Now, while this is a fictional company that I will be building fictional campaigns for, they are sneakily based on a previous skincare client of ours, so I have at least some solid data to base this campaign structure on. For the purpose of this hypothetical campaign let’s say that the top-selling products of Evergreen Essence are their Evergreen Radiance Serum and their Hydrating Cream. 

The campaign itself

Evergreen Essence has a hefty ad spend of £300k per month, so they are ready to capture the hearts, minds, and pockets of women all across the USA and UK. The issue is that they may have the money to do this, but not the know-how. 

Therefore, they decide to hire a professional ads agency: Snowball Creations. Note: this is NOT a fictional ads agency. It is very much real. If it weren’t, I’d be in trouble.

Product-specific precision

As we’ve already established, Evergreen Essence has two outlying products that perform very well, so why mess with that? I’d start their ad campaign by highlighting these star products. I’d test single-image ads, influencer endorsements, video ads, and more. Anything to shine the spotlight on these money-makers!

Master the middle of funnel

Every business has those people who show interest but remain on the fence, who lurk in their carts but never actually check out. That’s where remarketing comes in. Targeted messaging is key here. We want to reignite the flame of desire and guide users to make that purchase. 

But don't neglect the bottom of funnel!

The closer users get to making a decision, the more we’re going to double down on Evergreen Essence’s precision targeting and personalised recommendations. This is where dynamic product ads take centre stage, as we can use data-driven insights to deliver tailored messages.

Beyond hero products

Up until now, we’ve focused mostly on the two best-sellers, but with such a big budget, there’s room to share! Broader marketing initiatives create a holistic brand experience and captivate audiences with the promise of a comprehensive skincare solution – think of things like bundles, which offer the chance to try a variety of Evergreen Essence’s products. 

You can monitor the progress of your different ad campaigns for different products within your Facebook Ads manager, to help you make data-driven decisions.

The art of testing

I doubt I’ve ever written a blog post that doesn’t highlight the art of testing within ads, and with such a big budget, we can really hone in on A/B tests. Test one ad creative versus another, test different copies, audience segmentation, ad formats and more to help you design the perfect Facebook ad strategy. 

For example, you can test carousel ads versus dynamic product ads within different stages of the Facebook ad funnel to see which ad formats perform best within your Facebook Ads campaign. 

We can take the data of those tests and run even more tests, finetuning areas where we can improve. With each round of ads, we will get more information, and iterate, iterate, iterate.

The only limit is your imagination . . . and money

Look, I get it. If you run an ecommerce business, you need to manage your cash flow, which is why you may have a limited ad spend. But that also means that they are limiting the ads themselves. With a bigger ad spend, you can have bigger and bolder ads, leading to more money. 

This isn’t an option for everyone, but I had a lot of fun flexing my creative muscles with this one. So, if you’re eager to run ads – no matter your ad spend – fill in the form below to hear how my tram would approach Facebook campaigns for you – from brand awareness campaigns to all other types of Facebook ad campaigns, we’ll be your all-in-one Facebook business manager. 

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