How To Write The Best Sales Copy

Solid sales copy is the key to letting potential customers know that you have what they need and that your product or service is the answer to their problems.

There are endless ways to structure your sales copy, but which way will give you the best results? Let me tell you How To Write The Best Sales Copy!

Great copywriting doesn’t have to be complicated. In this article, you’ll learn how to write great sales copy with our 5 tips, starting with an experience-based winning formula.

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Why It's Hard To Successfully Write Sales Copy

Before we get to our five tips, let’s talk about what sales copy is, and what the challenge is when it comes to writing it.

How To Write The Best Sales Copy

What Is Sales Copy?

Sales copy or sales copywriting is any text or content that is produced with the main goal of persuading potential buyers to take action.

For example, sales copy can encourage a prospective customer to buy a product or sign up for the service that your business is providing. It could also be any other action that in some way helps your eCommerce reach its sales goals.

Sales copy includes everything from a good headline with a paragraph, a list with bullet points, a picture with words or a video.

What Is The Challenge?

If your sales copywriting quality is bad, the content will end up being dry and unconvincing. The challenge is to create good sales copy that appeals to a potential buyer and reaches the reader on an emotional level. Just including product descriptions and a call to action on your landing page or on your sales pages is not enough.

Another challenge is that the advice you find when looking to improve your writing might not be very good.

In fact, the suggestions that Google reps will give you can sometimes even sabotage your success and ROAS. This is one of the reasons so many business owners turn to professional advertising agencies to get help.

So, let’s look at a few examples of what actually works in terms of delivering good sales copy.

1. The Winning Formula: Curated Crushes Created

The simple mantra which has been proven by experience is: “Curated Crushes Created”. What is curated and created content? Why is curated content better and how can you implement this valuable tip?

What Is Curated Content?

Curated content is content collected from your audience, for example, reviews or testimonials on your website. Select or curate various existing assets from the real world and use them for your ads, your home page or your sales page.

Some might refer to this type of content as “user-generated”. A reason why “curated” is a broader and more appropriate term is that it can include curated content that you write.

An eCommerce owner talking about a real experience with a client can be viewed as curated and can be more successful in reaching the readers than a hypothetical scenario.

What Is Created Content?

Created content means writing a story from nothing, to be used on your website or landing page. For example, It is based on a scenario made up by the company and doesn’t involve real people or customers.

An eCommerce marketing its products or services might use created content to tell a story by using photos or videos. They might use photo shoots or video shoots with actors playing a part and saying exactly what the business wants them to say.

Why Does Curated Beat Created?

On average, curated content consistently outperforms created content. An eCommerce that uses curated sales copy in their advertising will generally sell more, get better returns, and have stronger and faster profitability.

People know when an advertisement targets them, and the modern consumer is becoming increasingly more aware of when something isn’t genuine. When they see an ad from a professional video shoot with paid actors, it can feel fake.

Especially consumers on social media can tell when you are trying to sell them something. It naturally has less of an impact when you are being told that a company’s product is fantastic by someone working for that company.

However, if someone who has no connection to the company uses the same words and shares that they love the product, it has value and provides social proof.

In sum, curated content feels genuine and honest, while created content can feel false. As a result, it’s worth making your sales copy be and look as real and as genuine as possible.

How To Find Curated Content: Reviews And Influencers

Two simple ways to implement this “curated crushes created” formula are to look for reviews and reach out to influencers.

Copy Reviews

Find reviews from customers and use them within your ad headlines—whether it’s on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Facebook Ads. Other places to include them are in subject lines, on web pages or in your landing page copy.

Video Reviews

Reviews in text form are generally something you can receive and find quite quickly. If you can get a video review, it is an even more advanced version of this concept which can be a great ad opportunity to push further down the funnel.

Reach Out To Influencers

One step further is the possibility of writing to influencers and asking them to create video content. This is still curated content and can feel genuine because it is a real person.

If an influencer who seems sincere talks about genuinely loving your product or service, that can carry enormous weight.

Influencers From Your Niche

Find an influencer from the right niche. If an eCommerce wants to sell eco-holidays, a perfect example of a fantastic influencer would be Sir David Attenborough talking about his family loving your holidays. Think about who your audience could be persuaded by, and who realistically, you can work with.

Now, let’s move on to some more general but nonetheless important guidelines for writing efficient sales copy.

2. Identify A Single Focus

ales copy doesn’t have to summarize everything your eCommerce stands for, it’s supposed to encourage conversion or a specific action. Focus on what it is you want your sales copy to achieve. Is it selling? Or maybe brand awareness?

Think about the most important pain point that your product or service addresses. What is the problem your potential buyer wants to be solved? And what is the main benefit your service or product delivers? Identify this single point and emphasize it when writing content.

You might feel like there are many important points that you want to convey. If possible, choose only one of these pain points to address to avoid an unfocused messy ad copy. Your word choice has to have persuasive power. Use powerful words and no-nonsense short sentences.

If your sales copy is text-based, you need to write copy with a clear headline that reflects your single focal point, and a to-the-point text which backs it up to reach your readers efficiently with your words and message.


3. Remember Your Target Audience

Another important area to identify is who your sales copy’s ideal customers are. For example, are you selling to parents, business owners or women in a certain age bracket?

A good way to find your target customers is to create buyer personas. A buyer persona is a representation of who your ideal customer would be.

Analyse market research and the data you have on your existing buyers, and create a persona of a specific person who needs your product. Personas allow you to picture your ideal customers and write sales copy that speaks directly to them.

Consider the following when you write copy:

  • What are the obstacles your target customer faces?

  • What are the goals they want to reach?

Then, show off how your product or service can help them overcome those challenges or achieve their goals.

4. Highlight The Benefits And Use Storytelling

Consumers are busy people. They don’t necessarily have time to analyze why what your eCommerce provides is of benefit to them–That’s your job.

They don’t need all the technical details, so don’t get obsessed with product descriptions and explaining all the amazing features they’ll find. Your sales copy is not like product pages on your website. They can get to that after you have hooked them with your sales copy.

Just tell them why they can’t live without the product you’re selling. Your value proposition should be clear, leaving the reader with knowledge of how they’ll be better off with your eCommerce.

You also want to write words that are compelling and engaging, and a great way to achieve this is to use storytelling. Use a narrative to allow people to connect with your product.

Remember, the best story is a real story. Use reviews or influencers to tell your story for you.

5. Finish With An Effective Call To Action

The last step is to add a clear and compelling call to action (CTA).

You’ve already made clear what the benefit is and why the buyer needs you. Now, all your customer needs is one final nudge to make a conversion.

An effective CTA could be:

  • Schedule your free consultation with us now

  • Learn more about [your services]

  • Buy [your product] today

The CTA should be clear and closely tied to the purpose of the sales copy. It should use easy-to-understand common words and give your customer a clear course of action.

BONUS TIP: The Importance Of A/B Testing

The best way to make sure that your sales copywriting is giving you the results you want is by setting up an A/B testing matrix. This allows you to balance one piece of copy versus another in a fair and balanced way. It means that you can learn from your ads as you’re running them.

Having a clear structure for your A/B testing is well worth investing in. If you are unsure of how to set this up, you can contact a marketing agency to see how to achieve this in the best way for your particular brand.

Final Thoughts On Writing Sales Copy

To summarize, there are the five tips we’ve covered on how to write good sales copy:

  1. Curated Crushes Created

  2. Identify A Single Focus

  3. Remember Your Target Audience

  4. Highlight The Benefits

  5. Finish With An Effective Call To Action

The winning mantra when writing sales copy is “Curated Crushes Created”. Curated content consistently outperforms created content and will give your online business better results.

The modern consumer knows when you are trying to sell them something, whether it’s on social media or another website with paid ads. Curated content will feel more real and genuine to your customers. You can find curated content for your sales copy in reviews and by reaching out to influencers.

Identifying a single focus will allow you to address the most important pain points of your target audience and creating buying personas will help you identify your target audience.

Using storytelling and highlighting the benefits rather than listing features will be more compelling and engage your potential customer.

Finally, ending your sales copy with a clear and effective CTA gives your customer a clear course of action. It is the final push that nudges them towards your business and that helps you achieve the purpose of your sales copy.

For more tips on how to write good sales copy and achieving your business goals, please reach out to, who’d be happy to answer your questions.

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